An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

Videos on navigating the NZ Disability System, and safety in the city.


Navigating the New Zealand Disability System

Disability Connect(external link)
There are seven short videos (around 10 minutes each) to introduce parents to the New Zealand disability sector. 
The videos are recorded in English and produced in three versions. One has English subtitles, one has Korean subtitles and one has simplified Chinese subtitles.
English version(external link)
Korean subtitles(external link)
Chinese subtitles(external link)


Safety in the city

ATEED(external link)
Students (and visitors) that are new to Auckland or that want to find out more about how to stay safe during their time in Auckland can watch the video below. It gives some useful tips on how to behave in dangerous or difficult situations.
Watch the 'Safety in the city' video here(external link)